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Experts in Accounting systems for SMEs.

We are your Accountant, Controller, CFO and Software Expert rolled into one

You’re an SME grown too big for your bookkeeper (who is great!) but not yet big enough to support a full time CPA. We fill the gaps with experience, expertise and wisdom for a fixed monthly cost. Equal parts innovation, attention to detail and quality. That’s how we cook your books.

100% Cloud-Based

All our work is carried out in a cloud environment. Your accounting records are accessible 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection and from any device.


We are Quickbooks professional advisors for both desktop and QBO products. We specialize in the Quickbooks Enterprise Edition and more complex software challenges.

Your CPA on Call

We know you and we know your business because we work with you every day not just once a year. That’s why your questions are answered quickly and accurately.

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JPDO Office
100- 2 Place du Commerce,
Ile-des-Sœurs, Montreal,
QC H3E 1A1, Canada

Phone: 514-416-1012
Fax: 514-600-3436

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