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Make your accounting life easier with these 5 tech tools:

This CPA article contains links to software applications to make life easier for you. Check out creating an Excel spreadsheet from a picture using your phone or a business management tool for budgeting, forecasting, KPI reporting.

How do I hire a remote worker?

Do you have occasional or ongoing tasks in your business that can be performed remotely? This site will put you in contact with hundreds of thousands of freelance accountants, designers, IT specialists in fact every profession under the sun (except maybe hairdressers and dentists 😊) often at a fraction of the cost of what you might pay for the same service in Canada.

Paul Dunne

Paul Dunne, Principal and Director of Operations, founder of JPDO is an Irish Chartered Accountant with over three decades of experience in accounting and finance. He has been an auditor, controller of a real estate company, supervisor of consolidation accounting and manager of financial planning for Alcan Aluminium Limited, lecturer in consolidation accounting and foreign currency translation in Montreal’s McGill University chartered accounting program and CFO of a large manufacturing company.

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