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Our Triple-A team

Accessible, Accurate, and Attentive to detail

J. Paul Dunne

CPA, CA, (FCA, Ireland), Founder at JPDO

Paul Dunne, Principal and Director of Operations, founder of JPDO is an Irish Chartered Accountant with over three decades of experience in accounting and finance.

Vice President, B. Sc. Telecom, Quickbooks Certified Pro

Summer Xia

Summer is a native of Qingdao and has been working with JPDO since August 2012. Her disposition matches her name making her very popular with her clients. She has worked in the accounting field both in China and Canada before joining JPDO.
Senior accountant B.Sc. Business Administration, CPA

Virginia Frondozo

Virginia is a member of the PICPA (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants) with diverse experience in business and financial management, investment analysis, strategic planning, advisory services, business writing and mentoring.

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JPDO Office
100- 2 Place du Commerce,
Ile-des-Sœurs, Montreal,
QC H3E 1A1, Canada

Phone: 514-416-1012
Fax: 514-600-3436

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